Monday, December 28, 2009

B+ right on!

My grade on my barefoot trims on my three horses. I am so happy. I was shooting for better than a C. I've been learning and practising for several years. My farrier is my mentor and she is a great one. She too believes in never ending self improvement and enjoys teaching and mentoring. Can't get much better than that. She is also rehab specialist with alot of patience, persistence and an open mind. Along the way I've realized it was all about knowledge and then ultimately my confidence. So yesterday I accomplished my goal- to trim my horses myself. All three of my horses have different trimming needs. Dove came to me with very long toes, under run heels and a very flat sole surface. Spice & Chero were both very tall heeled. I used to say Chero looked like he was wearing "ballerina toe shoes" poor boy. He is often called "clubby" hoofed by professionals. In addition all three had major confidence issues with farriers. So along the way I have not only learned how to trim but my horses became confident enough for my farrier to trim them at liberty. Pretty cool when I look back from where we started some 4 years ago this next April.

Yesterday while trimming: Dove was cute. At one point I said out loud to her if you need to move let me know. She'd been just taking her leg away from me mid trim. My sweet boss mare! I said to her "Why not touch me with your nose. I know you'll have to pull your head out of the hay bag but that would be more polite." And then about 2 min later she did just that! She needed to move so she touched me with her nose first. She hadn't done any touching before that. I just went with it and released her leg and didn't over analyze it. Interesting!

I must say that Spice was perfect. She was really quiet especially when I trimmed her hinds. She is usually irritated with her hinds because her hip used to hurt. She had a moment when I could feel her thinking it would be uncomfortable and then she'd relax. Each time I'd finish with a hoof and let her leg down she'd turn her head and look at me softly. Maybe the chiro and acupuncture are still doing their magic! yeah. And she was out of hay. So for her to stand still with no hay WOW!

Chero was cute too. He usually gets nervous so he holds still. His big moment came when I only had his right front cupped in my hand. This is his "very special" leg. It is the one he is most protective of and the one he'll yank out of your hand. So he'd start to pull it away and I would only say wait, wait and still only have my hand cupped under - a soft hold- no grabbing. He'd relax and not pull it away. We did this dance a few more times but he never pulled it away. Amazing!

We were all at Liberty while trimming too. Major milestones for all of us.

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  1. Hi Kim, great patience and persistence. Sounds like you've got some savvy! Keep it up!

    Parelli Central