Friday, January 22, 2010

Dove has arrived!

It was cold and dark so we had a short session in the arena playing with transitions online and then bareback. During our online play I had to remove the bareback pad as Dove is now interested in rolling online when we start our head low, trotting circles practise. How interesting! I was even able to offer her a cookie before she got up and she took two! Once again she was occasionally adamant that she be allowed to push the barrels about 8 feet vs jumping them. Really it was hard to pull her away so I accepted her exuberance as it was obviously important for her at this moment. What a neat horse she is.

Then we tried the same low headed trotting circles bareback. I had this moment when I thought hmm I think she is thinking about rolling. Wow! Dove is really feeling confident. After we had some nice circles we played with trot/canter transitions. Soon she was so responsive that she offered canter departs! OK this is awesome. We ended with the nicest softest canter depart I have ever felt with her AND it was on her right lead. Success never felt sweeter than tonight. This has been a slow process but the results are so worth the time we took to get here.

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