Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away.......

Today we had lightening & thunderstorms and the weatherman says it will continue until at least Saturday. The good news is that it is alot warmer. So in between downpours off to the covered arena Dove & I went. We played on our 22' with our prep for circling at Liberty with the clapping thunder in the background. Dove had several introverted moments in the beginning so we took it slow and soon she realized that moving her feet felt better than standing perfectly still with her head down. At one point she became comfortable enough to roll and then to offer a sideways over two barrels. In fact she not only offered sideways away from me but also towards me! Wow this horse rocks! She has some fantastic ideas going on in her head.

Earlier in the week we played with our soaking boots and again she amazed with her progress. She is getting so much more confident about the whole thing. She took some steps forwards and backwards with the boot on and although she was nervous about moving she tried her heart out. Chero was having no part of this boot thing so we played "put your hoof on the boot" at liberty and he liked that game much better. Spice was uncertain but willing to allow me to slip the boot on and stand in it. She is an interesting example of make no assumptions. I think tomorrow we'll play with our hand held massager as it looks like we are getting more thunder & lightening. Last month all 3 kept their head low while I used the massager to simulate clipping their ears. We'll see what they think about it tomorrow.

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