Monday, January 25, 2010

Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

YESTERDAY was fun! Dove & I experimented for the 3rd time with transitions while riding. This time we were alone in the arena. During our online warm up once again Dove wanted to share her idea - offering multiple sideways over the barrels- both away and towards me. She is really getting exuberant! She of course also wanted to push the barrels back and forth, sometimes with a big push and then would stop and look at me! While playing with our riding Figure 8's she was ready to canter depart at the slightest suggestion. Mind you I was only making sure I was not leaning into the turn but rather pushing from the outside but I must have also leaned backwards just enough for her to think I meant canter. Holy smokes this horse is really responsive today. Very cool. My friend showed up so I decided to end our session on such a wonderful note and tuck Dove in her pen.

I brought Chero out for a turn. That is us on the left - his first ride in July 2007. Big grin on my face! Tonight he was happy to get out of jail. But then again he's always hoping to get out. While my friend got her horse ready I put the bareback pad on Chero and rode him up and down the road. At one point my friend's horse pulled free and trotted on by us. Chero was unfazed and soon wanted to follow, quite earnestly. How interesting! When we returned to our pen area I hopped off and we took our geldings and our 22's to the arena for some online play. We took turns practising our transitions online while trying to focus on using our bodies and energy vs swinging our sticks and strings. I must say that Chero was quite the student. Only once or twice while we waited our turn along the edge of the arena did he want to get silly and run off, but it was in response to some real or imagined something behind the coverall wall. As another friend has once said, "he's having a party by himself!" So after a couple fast half circles he decided to once again be a good student and wait patiently for his turn. Love this little guy and his playful spirit. Our session ended with a short quick ride back up to our pens. Chero was again a great student as he waited for my friend to hop on her horse too.

TODAY was hoof trimming day and it was quite rainy and cool. I had trimmed Chero's hooves the day before so I was hoping to get to the barn early and do the girls. Alas life interrupted and I arrived shortly before my farrier. She had a fellow farrier professional with her and it turned out to be a good thing I did not trim all 3 already. I learned so much watching the 2 of them discuss my horses' hooves. Wow! Much to think over. I did get graded on my trim on Chero and ..... drum roll please........ I received an A-! Wahoooooo! I am so stoked. You can teach an old dog new tricks..... it just takes a little more time. ;)

Looking forward to TOMORROW!

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