Sunday, February 28, 2010

February and Deprivation Training

Somewhere in the middle of February, I found myself in the midst of a whopper of a sinus cold. Man talk about putting the brakes on my progress. My horse & I were puttering right along and then blam..... I had to pull back and rest. It took everything I had to slow down like that as I do not like being sick and missing out.

Fast forward to the end of the month when we had a lesson with David Lichman. Talk about feeling a little nervous knowing we had only been playing for a week prior. As I chatted with David about what we had been doing (or not doing) in the previous month since he last visited and how even though I had lost a couple weeks due to illness my horse was amazing in what she was offering me. He replied that it is called "deprivation training," and some horses definitely improve with it! I am not sure I can explain it well but it suffice it to say it worked with Dove & I. So we proceeded with our lesson and there is my partner Dove- calm, confident and trusting! She was offering to circle me at liberty, walk, trot & canter with her head low and soft & then to top it off ~ canter departs. Although just a few steps these canter departs were from a halt. Oh yea, Dove is one smart cookie. She really filled in for me that day.

As I look back over the video we took last week I can see all of her little tries and how my little breaks and pauses as reward worked wonders. So big duh that this latest bout of "deprivation training" was timely and effective. My little RBI needed a long release from her busy RBE human.

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