Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Went a little horse crazy today

Riding all 3 horses bareback in one day again! OK so my son rode Chero and I rode Spice and then Dove twice! First let me say that is was SOOOOO cute to see Chero figuring out how may ways he could get a cookie from Chris. He was one smart attentive gelding today. How about a lateral bend? You'd like a step forward? Ok.... and a bend for my cookie please? Chris was such a champ, game to help me give my horses some ride time and to do so bareback! He was so gentle and patient even when Dove tried to take him on a walk about down the road. She is hilarious and quite determined to test out the leadership in her rider. LOL. Chris took it in stride and rode with her until he found a good spot to bend her and then pet her. We switched back and I played on Dove and Chris was back on Chero. Once all the cookies were dooled out we hopped off our steady mounts, tucked them back in their pens and claimed this a good break from work.

I returned in the evening to play with a friend. It was Spice's turn and she was simply... amazing. This girl has got it going on! We warmed up online playing with the tarp, barrels, cavellettis etc. Then we moseyed on over to the mounting block and I hopped on for 15 mins of fun. We practised perfect lateral bends, pushed the little ball around and then since Spice was ears forward eager to "go somewhere else" we walked halfway down the arena and pushed on a barrel. We then waited for our friend to finish and then rode backup to her pen. Nice finish of session #2 of "riding in the arena."

After a short break I tucked Spice back in and brought Dove out for some fun. We walked with our friend back to the arena and played with our canter departs for our 7th session. I think Dove is losing interest in this pattern which is such a huge change. She was very ho hum about moving AT ALL. My go-go pony is now a whoa-whoa pony. WOW...... I am at a loss for better words.

Life is really good!

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