Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Circle Me

Dove was brilliant yesterday and so I clearly have my work cut out for me. Here is why: the Horsenality Report came back for Dove and she is a LBE. Holy Cow Batman that is really a 180 degree change! She needed the time to build her confidence and trust before revealing her true self. The past few months have felt incredible. This must be what Pat means when he says "reveal your horse."

2008 chart on the left ............2010 chart on the right

I was experimenting with some Liberty "circle me" patterns I saw on Karen Rohlf's Facebook page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlfOxss4h40 It was immediately apparent that Dove had watched the video too. I was only able to play with each pattern twice before my LBE was showing me how to do it. Those of you with LBE's are saying duh, but you see Dove has only recently shown me this side of her. So my strategies need to change. As my mentor Rachel tells me, take the Porsche out for a spin once in awhile. So I did. This was just a play session, no warm up, no big goals, just experiment with what we saw Karen and Atomic do... play with "circle me." Show me what you got under the hood Miss Dove. Once we started playing she only left me once, even when I flicked my string at her Z5 she responded vs leaving. Hmmm..... that was both amazing and amusing. Perhaps I should call her Left Brained Exuberant! LOL. I did wish I had the video camera running during our session, but I think it would have changed the energy.

In the beginning when I was setting up barrels etc Dove was "strutting" around instead of running around.... seriously she was flicking her front legs out in a fancy extended trot, tail held up softly, ears pricked forward. Mind you she is a quarter horse, barely 15 hh and more stocky than slender but man did she look like a million bucks. Talk about a gorgeous heel first landing! I think she was showing off for the thoroughbred gelding that lives next to the arena as she is in heat and he is interested. Or perhaps she likes the hoof trim I gave her last week? Or her sparkly green Renegade boots? But I digress, either way that strut is a first. For this session I was using cut up carrots as treats but she did not mug me for them either. "Oh boy" how many days is it until our Fast track? I'd better hit the books and catch up with my horse!

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