Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Swinging the Pendulum

Had another fabulous mentor session with Rachel Jessop this morning. After watching our videos she congratulated my horse & I on achieving a massive milestone. Dove has gone from a fizzy, gotta move her feet, "go go" pony to this lovely quiet, left brained, don't need to move "whoa whoa" pony. At one point Rachel asked me if I was pushing Dove to keep her walking. LOL now that is something! So now my mantra will be "don't push," "whatever I do, let her stop," and "rub her." ... you know.... reward the slightest try.....

I now have this new left brained horse and I need to understand the other side of the pendulum. We get to play with snappy departures too! Again no pushing while running through my phases. I am also to ride my pony like a carousel horse, sitting quiet, not exaggerating and let her push me up and down. Wow this is cool stuff!!

Last night Dove was such fun as I took my Porsche out for a test drive, bareback of course. We goofed around in the arena with a friend, trying some cantering around them, circling at liberty (line over the neck) and Dove was just the coolest cucumber ever!

This really is way more than riding!

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