Monday, May 31, 2010

The first day of our Fast Track

We arrived at about 9 am and didn't have to wait long for our turn to unload and start our learning adventure! Although Dove & I were here in July 2006 it felt new again. I think the seasons create some changes every year and from what we heard there was snow on the ground only 3 days ago. Oh my!

Ok I'd ramble on but I am quite tired as we ended up having a full half day of learning soon after arrival. Let me sum it up to say it was one of the best days of this year. My good friend Gala who has been with me for the trip would like to add it was the best F'ing day of her life. You catch our drift. She got a private tour of the parelli ranch and I dare say she came back quite bubbly about all that she saw.

So tonight I will make this short as I found out I need to practise those "knots to know" before bedtime as I could not be sure I got all of them correct in today's test.


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  1. Welcome to Pagosa Kim. I hope your experience is excellent.

    Brett Lovins
    Parelli Central