Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here comes more rain... do dee doody.... here comes more rain....and I say it's all right....da di da di da di

As I sit here with one day to go before Dove & I take off for Pagosa it begins to rain again. Not just showers but a good soaking rain. This has been an interesting spring. With the on again off again sunshine we've got flowers blooming everywhere, loads of fruit on the trees and horses getting frisky resulting in lots of fence repair. ;) The little bees have been working overtime too and we humans are all sneezing. So with the wet weather, once again today will be about getting my packing, and other chores done around Mother Nature's schedule. We do need the rain so I will work on my emotional fitness and remain flexible. Washing Dove's mane can wait. She colored it a nice grey from rubbing along the fence. Or perhaps I can squirt some soap on it and let the rain help me. LOL.

My good friend Gala will arrive this afternoon. She will ride along with me on the trek to Pagosa and then fly home. It will be so much more enjoyable to have her along on this 2000+ mile round trip journey. Plus she can drive a rig! Look out Winnemucca here we come. LOL.

Ah as I finish this post, here comes the sun! The flowers and trees are glistening now. Beautiful.
Time to finish my coffee and get crackin' on those chores.

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