Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back in the Bridle again ......

We had fun practicing the Parelli Games on Sat. Ok that is except when my little pony decided to have a tantrum during our gaits and times segment. LOL she had total blonde fit during our slow canter section. My LBE strikes again. So today I realized that at present I have no business riding my horse in her hackamore if she is going to brace that hard. So we are "back in the bridle again!" In addition to working out our plan for next week's focus areas I decided that i would also practice our emergency lateral bends both sides and in both directions on Sunday.

Today was really a beautiful day we had pm rain yesterday more forecasted for today so it was a nice surprise when it was cloudy and then also moments of intense sun. We made our way out to the honeycomb for some circling practice online and at liberty as well as a dose of pure silly play. We found a fellow classmate out there with his horse. What luck as he has a left brained horse too. So we'd watch each others sessions and gained more insight into our own horses. After a very successful session we broke for lunch and put our ponies back in their pens with some lunch hay. The Horse Behavior & You course students were arriving. The ranch was abuzz with activity and excitement.

After lunch we took our horses back to the honeycomb for a riding session. My classmate was cantering his big gelding around the honeycomb finding his neutral seat while Dove & I played with our emergency stops in one of the smaller round pens within the honeycomb. I figured if she still had some silly tantrum ideas she couldn't be wrong for too long in the round pen.;) I practiced at least 10 times on each side in each direction. At one point We cantered a bit longer than usual and she offered to lateral bend herself! LOL I couldn't help but laugh. She soon ran out of gas so we rode around the pasture outside the honeycomb with our fellow student friend which was a lovely end to our day.

Tomorrow starts week 3 and we were told they will be turning the pressure up. Oh Boy better get some shut eye.



  1. Hi Kim, Thank you for taking the time to blog about your experience. Maybe I'll see you sometime at lunch? I'm helping out with the 2 week course this week and next... Would love to meet you :-)

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 1Star Junior Instructor

  2. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for taking the time to blog - love reading it. I am a L3 student in New Zealand planning to attend a fast track course so fascinated to hear of your experiences - sounds like so much fun!!