Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 12, the end of week 2 ....... Midterm grades!

Today is the day to learn how we are progressing! Our morning was spent in focus sessions and playing in the savvy park. Just before lunch we enjoyed a demo of the 7 games at Liberty. John brought two of his horses who were of different horseanalities. Quite interesting to watch how differently he played with each of them. John wanted us to think about Principle #4 while we watched and then again while we played with our own horses in the afternoon. He also talked about the need for us to have an excellent game over button. In addition we will do whatever we need to do to build our horse's confidence and interest in us. We need to make deposits in our emotional/relationship bank account with our horses.

After lunch we split up in to groups and meet with our new mentor for next week. One by one we sat with our mentor to discuss our midterm scores and then what our focus a areas would be for next week. I ended up getting a score that was very close to my self assessment score we each completed on day 1. I was pleased that how I thought I was doing was close to what the teachers also thought.

Dove & I ended our day with a chiro visit for Dove. While we waited for our turn the thunder and lightening arrived and cooled us all off a bit. Dr. found the same spots I thought were issues, Cool. Then Dove decided to throw a bit of a temper tantrum. she was tired of waiting for her turn when all the other horses had been fed. In the end she yawned big wide yawns and a lowered her head. I managed to leave the barn at dusk and saw some beautiful cloud formations.

Ok, friends I am almost falling sleep on my iPad so I'll sign off for now,

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