Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 3 and testing is complete!

Pat came to chat with us last night and at one point he mentioned a book he read many years ago titled "If you want to be rich and famous then don't go to school." He went on to explain that he thought way back then that if he had a school then he'd give the final exam on the first day. That way you know what is important and what you will need to know to pass. I must say that after these past 3 days I agree. Ok so yes it makes you nervous as a black cat on Halloween to get tested on your first days but it sure gives you a clear idea of where you and your horse are right now. I often joke about Dove being a rockstar but I must say that she really was during this testing phase. Yes she had her moments of "I'm done" and got a bit sassy however overall we did better than I anticipated we would do. Gotta love my little strawberry blonde pony!


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