Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 4 .... Our first challenge

We had our first day of instruction today and in the afternoon we had a challenge to wipe the slate clean and play with our horse as if we just met and knew nothing about them. Dove was quite interesting, especially as there is loads of fresh alfalfa growing in the savvy park. She had a few emotional moments but mostly was exuberant and playful. She got her blood up a few times cantering about but otherwise was getting quite good at snatching grass greedily as we circled about or played with obstacles. We also played in the pond and at one early point she timed it just right as she stepped in to the water and pulled hard right and was free to canter back to the alfalfa! LOL my little LBE showed up. I walked up to her as she was happily munching away and giving me this two eared Hi how ya doing look. We played in the lake again until she was calm, walked out and quietly nibbled on the grass.

That sure was interesting session. Taught me heaps about myself and my horse. Looking forward to tomorrow morning as we start the focus groups. We bring our horse and choose which sessions to join in.


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