Monday, June 7, 2010

Obedient Exuberance

Yesterday I was listening to Pat on the May Gold Savvy Club Audio titled Possibilities and he mentioned obedient exuberance amongst other things. It stood out for me as it fits right in with what Dove & I are exploring. She has been really settling into her left brained side lately, usually calm, usually trusting, often motivated and now the last piece willingness. Which is just what Linda Parelli talked to us about today. Yes I said Linda Parelli. The 11 Gold members in our Fast Track were gathered at about 10 am and told that they had a bit of a surprise for us- Linda was here and interested in talking with us! Oh this Fast Track just gets better with every day! They wanted to film another Ask Linda session from the Mastery video series they have been sending us. Oh Boy indeed! We quickly put our ponies in their pens and anxiously awaited Linda's entrance. We were all asked to think of something to ask her. Cool. And she'd pick one or more to talk about. She also answered every question we had even if not picked for the segment. Awesome! And of course little cute Vinnie was there too. At one point he chewed his leash setting himself free. Yep a true LBE Vinnie is. LOL. And friends, he is even cuter in person.

She talked about so many great things and a lot of this we will see in upcoming video, articles etc. so watch for your monthly Parelli media. Linda was with us for 3 hours and she made a point to even stop and draw on the whiteboard to explain something. Refer to the May 2009 Savvy Times (pg. 81) for all the details. When she talked about how we can determine if our horse is having a tantrum or is having a RB moment I had a huge AH HA moment. That is my little sweet Dovely.... she IS having a tantrum. This is what I have been struggling with... how to tell the difference. Because as Linda pointed out today the horse FEELS the same whether it is a tantrum or fear based tension... they are all balled up. She told us a great story about her latest break through with Allure and it all became crystal clear for me. I won't go into detail as I simply cannot do her story justice. I am certain we will all see this in a future article.

Wow what an honor to have Linda spend so much time with us and teach us so many things. She had a little segment where we got to simulate going from hollow backed to sitting on our balance point and then engaging our core. Wow. She went around to each of us to make sure we all understood. What a truly amazing woman she is. So patient and fun and easy going. Ah my morning was complete.

Then Pat showed up during lunch with some guests and said Hi! What another great surprise!

In the afternoon we had a demo from Kathy Barr on saddle fitting and shimming. I had already adjusted Dove's shims that morning in our saddling focus group so I was eager to see if it was better. Kathy asked us to experiemnt with shims to find the combo that works for right now. Then at 4 pm we had a group session of riding in Arena Grande. As I prepared Dove I thought about what Linda had talked about and tried watching for what Dove wanted to do and going with it. So of course my LB horse wanted to eat grass. She had not a care in the world that we were all alone in this eating grass moment. We were the last ones to enter Arena Grande! LOL John Barr lead us in a session of walking, and trotting with relaxation. Our eventual goal would be to maintain gait around the arena. My little Dove was cool as a cucumber! As I took plenty of time between jogs she relaxed so much that she looked like she was rolling peanuts in the sand. I don't know if it would have been possible to have her head any lower while traveling. So I took it to mean she liked the new shims adjustment, me understanding her idea to eat grass, and the relaxation exercise. This was the day I was waiting for. In the end as we cooled them down with a nice walk around the arena Dove decided to offer her "warmblood" walk... so here we were relaxed as can be but passing everyone! HIlarious. I made our last laps with her reins laying on her neck and only touching them when she bent a tad too much. Ah so cool.

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  1. Hi there Kim. I'm Brett... I work up at Parelli Central and Molly, my wife, is one of the instructors of your Fast Track. I was wondering... could you introduce yourself to me at the campfire tonight if you go? I'll be one of the guitar players.

    Parelli Central