Friday, June 4, 2010

Our first week

Wow, fun, amazing, stupendous comes to mind...... and this is just the first week. I warn you now you are going to hear this often so brace yourselves, "My horse is brilliant!"

Dove is really showing me her inner self this week. She has given me so many offerings that I can only hope to catch them all and thank her properly. We end the week with focus groups where we can pick and choose modules to participate in and then play with later in the day. In addition we bond with our fellow students as we ride the emotional roller coaster up and down. Holy Cow Batman this learning environment is awesome!

Today we added the element of one-on-one coaching. We met in small groups or remudas, and chatted a bit and then set the schedule for our personal mentor sessions where we map our our next week's focus... or in my case focuses. LOL ole super ambitious me strikes again. Diggin in with my new boots as we speak. ha ha ha The mentor session was great. They gave me a sheet to map out my week. Look out Miss Dove here we go!!

Ok getting some shut-eye as tomorrow is another FUN day as we get to practise the Parelli Games!

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