Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our last Sunday in paradise

We had perfect weather today as my horse & I joined a fellow classmate in the honeycomb for some play time at liberty this morning. Dove & I played stick to me and we had even a few steps at the canter! While we were playing the mastery students were moving cattle past us from a pasture below up to the big top. Dove was keen to watch the action just beyond the honeycomb rails. I think my little mare got kind of frisky because soon she was cantering off even when I gave the tiniest of sends with barely a finger pointing. What a funny horse she can be. We ended our morning session with a nice ride around the fields of the Parelli campus before tucking our ponies in for lunch.

After lunch and some study time with friends, we joined in the Ambassador Orientation program for the afternoon. As we sat listening intently to what the program was all about we had a most pleasant surprise- Pat Parelli arrived to talk with us personally about his visions for the program! His talk was really moving as he went into detail about his passion for making the world a better place for horses and humans. He spoke about the solution to having true partners is to inspire, empower and educate and then outlined some key ingredients to success: attitude, loyalty, dedication and ability. A very powerful message. The program will launch n 2011 so stayed tuned to to hear more details as they unfold.

Well friends it is time to turn in as tomorrow starts our final week of our Fast Track and we will end the week with final exams!


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