Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pond Play

After playing with our focus areas for next week in order to rough draft some daily ingredients, I took Miss Dove down to the pond. It was quite warm today so I thought it may interest her since the water would feel cool. Dove had minimul hesitations and was soon tromping on in. At one point I thought she may lay down in the water! But she either hit a drop off or some deep goo and changed her mind. She made several squeezes back and forth and even cantered out one time rather frisky vs snorty. Ha my little LBE showed herself. She was quite motivated by the yummy grain in my pocket as well. Left-brained-ville is such fun for both of us. ;)

This made my day I tell ya as Dove has been so skeptical of murky water. She'll readily walk into a clear river, but puddles and even dark wet areas send her soaring over or balking all together.


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  1. It's always fun to play in the water with your horse!

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