Saturday, June 5, 2010

Taking my porsche out for a drive!

Oh Boy! Today we got to practise the Parelli Games that we get to demo at the Open House on June 19th! Dove was quite the awesome partner today. Ok yes she had a few blonde moments but she wouldn't be Dove if she didn't have them (and frankly I have them too). That is what makes Dove special. My little budding performance horse was amazing in the online and liberty games. During the Freestyle game she decided that she was quite annoyed and thinking of running off and/or bucking during the barrel pattern game. Oh please must you? Your cinch wasn't that much tighter nor where your HQ in true danger of the honeycomb eating monsters. LOL And believe you me I was exhaling and relaxing my body and even using my savvy string. So we did some serpentines between barrels and even sniffed the last one before walking to the center, and then stopped, arms raised for our 7 second count. LOL I do love her enthusiasm to go go go. It will come in handy one day when she decides to relax and embrace her amazingly athletic body.

After the games a few of us gals went to lunch and then shopping. Thank you Jennifer for driving! When we got to Goodman's it didn't take long before more Parelli folks showed up and soon we were all giggling and entertaining the employees. I actually overheard them delight in the fact that we had arrived. They were talking about how fun it is when the Parelli students arrive.. how we parellians have so much fun when we are in their store.

Then since we were in search of a knife for a fellow student we went to Boot Hill and voila found one. Phew now she won't get in hot water come Monday when they expect us to all carry our Savvy Strings and a pocket knife... oh and our 45's while we are on campus.

Ok friends, I am signing off as I finish my laundry after one fabulous week of horsemanship in paradise.


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