Thursday, July 8, 2010

Coming up for Air

The transition to home life has been interesting. The first week was spent catching up with the life I left behind while Dove & I immersed ourselves in learning last month. Heaps of laundry, weed pulling, mail to sort through, month end billing, family & friends to catch up with, and so on. Amidst the work, I found that my young gelding Cherokee was just were I left him at the end of May! It is true what they say- if you leave your horse in a good spot that is where you will pick up the next session.... even if it is 30 days later. Cool!

As we ease back into our daily horsemanship routine I am amused at the differences between my horses. Dove of course is my ever ready partner. After giving her the first week off she & I are experimenting with our Fast Track lessons here on home turf. Spice, my other mare, has been gimpy on her front right so I am leaving her at Liberty in the arena while Dove & I play. We have a chiropractor/acupuncturist vet coming next Tues. Until then I will use the red light (photonic therapy) and go easy on her. One funny moment was when Spice was running along with Dove & I while we practised our bowtie pattern on Monday. LOL. I'll be interested to see if she learned the pattern from that session. And on Saturday Cherokee did an awesome job of carrying me around bareback while we watched our friends horse get a vet check. At one point the chickens were jumping up on the vet's tailgate so Chero & I helped drive them off!

I did notice one area that I will address with both Spice & Cherokee. Both of them have decided that they are in charge of where we go when outside their pens! LOL I see that they enjoyed their grazing times with my friend while I was gone. What happened to "follow a feel" you two? They forgot that I can be quite passively persistent..... hee hee that was a fun mini session. Ah the joys of having confident left brained horses. I cannot complain.

Well time to sign off and get to the barn as I have more yard work lined up this afternoon and an equine acupressure class this weekend to prepare for. No rest for the ambitious I suppose. ;)

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