Monday, July 19, 2010

Fast Track plan for @ home

Since our return from Colorado in June I have been experimenting with various schedules and routines in an attempt to create a home version of Fast Track. While in the CO Fast Track we spent 3 hours in the mornings playing with online, tools, liberty or freestyle concepts, followed by 2 hours of demo time (watching & learning) and then from 2- 4 hours in the afternoons freestyle, finesse or trail riding. So my challenge will be how to put in 5- 6 hours and play with all 3 horses everyday plus spend 1-2 hours on my own learning. OK! bring it on.

Yesterday was another hot day and the only arena available for the next few months will be the uncovered one. So I decided to split my barn time between morning and evening. Turned out to be a good plan as it was much cooler in the evening which made for really pleasant riding time! I arrive between 9 and 10 am and can play until about 1 pm before the sun gets too intense. I then play with other areas such as bathing, hoof care or acupressure between 2- 3 pm and then take a break back at home and return to the barn by 7 pm at which time both arenas are available. It has been getting dark at about 9 pm so that gives me 2 more hours to play for a total of about 6 - 7 hours per day! But can I maintain momentum?

This week I plan to play with all 3 horses - online and liberty in the mornings and then riding in the evenings with my two mares. I can usually squeeze in a quick bareback trip to or from the arena with my gelding so he won't miss out totally on carrying me in Zone 3. ;) I have a clinic coming up next month in Reno, NV and will bring both my mares! The first 2 days will be a L1/2 class and I will play with Miss Spice. This will be her second clinic away from home but maybe the first one we may ride in. Wahoo! The next 3 days will be a L3/4 class and Miss Dove will be my partner. I am looking forward to putting our progress to the test. :)

So .... I have 30 days to focus on getting us ready. Oh Boy! It has been most interesting to play with my younger mare Spice after having been away all of June. We are revisiting the 7 games but with as much excellence & creativity as we can think of. I am really pleased with her genuine interest in playing and am trying my best to do my part to be provocative and keep it interesting. Dove & I are still reaping the rewards of our progress from Fast Track so I am focusing on the areas we are weaker at such as circling and figure 8's. My funny girl Dove would rather just leave than to circle me or circle a barrel! So I will experiment with circles until I find one that helps her make sense of what I am asking as well as gives her opportunity to find rhythm and relaxation. My aim is to be consistent with this focus throughout all 4 savvies- rhythm & relaxation before anything else.

Wish me some luck my friends!


  1. Good luck!! I know you will Suceed! Wow I´m impressed of all the hard work (play!) you put down into your horsemanship. Sounds like you are having lots of fun and are contuinon building from the seeds we got on our Fast Track. Take care! //Josefin, Sweden

  2. It's wonderful to see that you're keeping the 'fast-track' mindset, Kim! I look forward to reading about your progress in future posts!

    Kerrin Koetsier
    Parelli Central