Sunday, August 1, 2010

Can You?

In the last 2 weeks I have been playing with a "Can You" I saw John Baar give Jason Zulli on a recent episode of The Horseman's Apprentice. "Can You" do all that while just holding the popper at the end of your 22' line?

So I tried playing with Figure 8's with Dove while just holding the popper. Talk about a fun challenge! I think Dove enjoyed it even more than I did. Spice liked it too but Cherokee had a hard time with the extra distance. So we'll gradually increase it until he too can do a Figure 8 while I only hold the popper.

Here's a short example of this "Can You" with my mare Spice.

This of course caused me to think of more "Can You's" for my horses & I to try next week. Pat Parelli is famous for some really creative ones. I'll be reviewing the Savvy Vault for sure!

So my friends I put the challenge to you too. "Can You" hold only the popper and do a Figure 8 around a cone or barrel or other obstacle?

And then how about you come up with another "Can You" challenge for us to try? I can't wait to hear from you!


  1. Good challenge!! Hmm Im gonna try your challenge tonight, and I promise to get back to you and give you one. Fun!
    I enjoyed seeing you play with another horse, she is beatiuful too!

  2. Yes good challenge, I´m going to try it to :-) Looks good, I love the music :-)

  3. Hi Josefin & Sophie! Awesome, I can't wait to hear what your horses think of this Can You game!

  4. Hi Kim! It was a really fun challenge! I think my horse thougts was- "finally she gives me the rope and stands still"!
    Me and Sofie was at an Workshop at Karin Pettersson 2-star Parelli Instructor this tuesday. And there I got one "can you" for you! Can You get 4 laps at Circling game in trot (canter mabye?!) on one send? Have fun! Hug Josefin

  5. Excellent challenge Josefin!! I tried this with my two mares Dove & Spice tonight. Dove gave me 5 laps at a relaxed jog. Spice gave me 4 laps at a trot which is a first for her Yeah! And Spice gave me 2 laps with her head low and a relaxed rhythm when going left! I will try my gelding Cherokee tomorrow. Then I will play with cantering laps next week and let you know how we do. Dove still gets a bit bracey in the canter so increasing the laps will be very interesting. ;)
    I enjoyed your blog about your class with Karin. Sounded like great learning and fun.