Friday, September 3, 2010

A week of Successes for many!

This week turned out to be full of surprises! It started out with me nursing a sinus cold due to this crazy weather and resulting allergies. Great, I thought there goes my horse time. Then the weather hit a blistering 97 degrees on Wed and was still quite hot at about 94 degrees yesterday. So I decided it was meant to be an easy restful week for all.

So what were all these surprises you ask? Well let me tell you. ;)

First on Tuesday, I had a great session with my mentor Rachel as we discussed all the fun and exciting things that took place at the Reno clinic with Trevor & Tara. We also reviewed a practise session of my Freestyle Audition routine. I asked for help on jumping as my horse is cool with it but I am a tad nervous. Egads those barrels look so high! LOL. Rachel is a former eventer so she knows jumping. She gave me some super tips on jumping and in addition how to reorganize my routine such that we don't go over the 10 min limit. No easy task with all the patterns we are to show. Those of you playing with your auditions know what I mean. ;)

Then just after our session ended on Tuesday I received an email from Parelli Auditions..... they passed our Liberty Audition with a 3++. Needless to say I was STOKED!! I wanted to run out to the barn that minute and tell Dove. Oops I had an anthropomorphic moment there. LOL.

The next day I heard that Jeane (new friend I met in Reno) received a pass on her Freestyle Level 2 making her a new Level 2 graduate. Wahoo Jeane!!

Then yesterday my good friend Marie sent me an email that she just passed her Level 3 Freestyle, making her a new Level 3 graduate. Awesome Marie!

In addition my two Fast Track friends from Sweden got some good news- Josefin passed her Level 3 Online Audition and Sophie passed her Level 3 Liberty Audition. Yeehaw to you both!!

And I just found out that Ramona (another new friend from Reno) just passed her Level 2 Freestyle, making her a new Level 2 graduate. Way to go Ramona!

That makes 6 of us with successes this week!!! Ladies we are ALL on a ROLL! What fun for us all to get this news this week. The Parelli Audition department is really working hard to get our results to us. They know we are all waiting anxiously.

Anyone else receive a pass on their Auditions this week? Let me know if you have. It is such fun to share successes.

Since it will be another warm day today I will take it easy and play with our new round pen. My barn owner has been trying to find a spot to reassemble it for the past year. We decided to put it in the upper arena for now. It is good to have a round pen again as my two mares Dove & Spice were running under or jumping over my makeshift round pen made of barrels and tape! LOL. Those two never cease to amaze me.


  1. Awesome news!
    Keep up the good play...

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Trainee Instructor
    Parelli Central

  2. Thanks Petra! And congratulations to you on achieving your 2Star Junior Trainee Instructor Status!! That is fantastic!!

  3. Thank you!!!!!
    Hope you get to feel better and your sinuses will heal...

    Petra Christensen
    Pareli 2Star Junior Trainee Instructor
    Parelli Central

  4. Congratulations to your liberty 3++ it´s so great. I passed my online level 3 too, iy was a good week :-)
    Hope you feel better.

  5. Thank you Sofie and CONGRATULATIONS back to you & Panter for passing your L3 Online! Fantastic news.