Friday, October 15, 2010

Logging more trail miles

We were able to get in 2 more trail rides this week despite the rather warm temperatures. Today we started out much earlier and enjoyed a different energy in the woods. It is usually quiet in the afternoons as perhaps the little critters are resting. This morning they seemed to have an agenda. I took a little video as I was fascinated by how busy Dove's ears were. She is a great trail horse as she is quite aware and alert to everything - like an early warning system. She was slow to move out but did not hesitate to continue when I asked..... and then had to ask again in a few steps.... and again in a few steps. LOL. My friend asked me what I was giggling about so I explained I was playing with the 4 phases to "go." Miss Dove you are quite the persistent teacher!

We have certainly had a leisurely, fun time taking a break from our freestyle audition routine these past few weeks. However it does not mean my learning has been on hold. Quite the opposite really. Dove has been teaching me about the left brained introverted side of her. As I mentioned above, I am focusing on my phases and consistency. Oh Boy! While my friend's young horse is eager to move on our way out on the trail, Dove saves her energy for the trip home. :) She doesn't rush but she has a bigger walk and focus about her. So my lessons have been to NOT push her going out and NOT hold her back going home. Thank goodness for my friend Laurie and her horse Faith. They are super patient with us and have an ample sense of humor!

Next week we'll log some more trail miles in between audition routine practise. I am interested to see what I have learned and how it will improve my freestyle riding. Perhaps we'll trailer to the southwest park entrance for a new view?


  1. Kim, I love how Dove is scanning the trail with eyes and ears. I'm sure your time out on the trail will improve things for your FS audition.
    Crossing fingers!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  2. Hi Petra!
    Thank you for the crossed fingers and vote of confidence. We both appreciate that!
    No matter what happens my pony & I are having fun. That is the best medicine in the world!