Friday, January 28, 2011

Off to visit the "enchanted" campus

This week has been Busy with a captial "B" getting ready to fly out to Florida tomorrow morning for 2 weeks. Uh yea baby TWO WEEKS! I am quite excited about attending the 1 Star Instructor course at the "enchanted" campus and getting to reunite with my former Fast Track mates. I still managed to find ample time to goof off with my ponies though. All work and no fun make Kimmy a dull cowgirl! In the beginning of the week we played with obstacles at my friends ranch and today my Mom came by so I promptly put her skills with a camera to good use. Thanks Mom!! xoxoxoxo

TTFN (tah tah for now) ~kim

My Sweet & Playful Gelding Chero

Miss Fancy Spice Girl

My Rockstar Dove


  1. Oh have a fantastic time! And be sure to keep posting to keep your loyal followers up to date!!! Wooohooo!!!!

  2. Wow - have a great time - look forward to reading about the Instructor course...

  3. Thanks gals! We had a fun first day and I remembered to take a few pictures. I even managed to update my Parelli Connect page. Phew got a little brain drain day's end. ;)