Monday, February 7, 2011

Fabulous Florida!

Linda presented a seminar on The Elements of Man on Saturday which ended a fabulous week of learning and growth. Every day last week was incredible ..... so much to process. Pat & Linda are amazing teachers and so inspiring and thought provoking. Our course was led by Carol Coppinger, Nita Jo Rush and Ann Kiser a power trio of knowledge, energy and encouragement. This was another dream come true for me because I had wanted to take lessons with Carol, Nita Jo & Ann. Who knew it would be all at once as an instructor course! Double cool surprise. I am proud to say that our entire class of 73 students passed with 80% or better which means look out horse world there are 73 new 1 Star Junior Parelli Professionals coming your way and yours truly is one of them! YeHaw!

I had the day off yesterday (Sunday) and today. Tomorrow I get the privilege to watch dressage master Walter Zettl give lessons. Wow I anticipate that I will fill my entire notebook in one day with all that I will see and learn! Good thing I brought extra notebooks because there will be 3 days of lessons to watch, weather permitting. Then next Saturday there will be a full day on saddle fitting which I also get to attend. Oh Boy!!! This will make two weeks of pure Parelli education. I think I need to pinch myself to make sure I am not just dreaming. ;) It will take me some time to assimilate all that I have learned, but for certain I will share it once it percolates up. For now know that Parelli has a top shelf Instructor Training Program in addition to it's phenomenal Horsemanship program.

2011 is going to be one Rockin good year for horse lovers!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Soaring with eagles

That's what it feels like when you are in a room with 150 like minded and like hearted people! We are on our fourth day of this fabulous Instructor course and I must say that this is more than an instructor course. Yes we have learned about how to progress our teaching skills but there is so much more that Pat & Linda have offered and exposed us to. The enhancements that are coming soon to Parelli Connect along with the progressive Mastery Program updates will have a huge positive impact towards changing the world to be a better place for horses and humans.

And friends that was after only 3 days! This morning weather permitting (rain hold on please) we have the privilege to watch Pat with the Mastery students and see what excellence with horses looks like up close and in the moment. Yesterday we were to watch what Kalley is doing with the young horse development program but mother nature forced us indoors. We then had the unique opportunity to have a Q & A session with Kalley. Wow folks she mesmerized us with her stories and explanations of the pieces to the program. At the end we all wished we could be Kalley's horse. She has a truly special quality of energy about her. Thank you Kalley for making yourself so available for our stream of questions!

Our main stewards of this course are Carol Coppinger, Nita J Rush, and Ann Kiser. Talk about a powerful trio! They have sprinkled in just the right amount of serious discussion and humorous interaction to keep us focused and relaxed while they stuff our heads with information. Brilliant strategy. Today and tomorrow afternoon we will take the theory and policy tests once more and Friday we will have a graduation party! On Saturday we have a little icing on the cake as Linda will present a seminar on the Elements of Man. This may be the first time in a long time that I will need to take Sunday off to recharge! :)